MHS235 Handheld Marine Radio

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This "State of the Art" Marine radio was built to save lives. With built in GPS, it knows your location, and with a push of the "Disaster Key", the DCS Digital Selective Calling system initiates a mayday, transmitting your location so you can be rescued. This model will also be listening for distress calls, and using the best technology available, CLASS D, it has a built in receiver dedicated to listening to the emergency channels, so there are no missed calls and no interruption of your communications while the radio searches the emergency channels. A design that fits into your hand, the large display offers you a choice of two backlit colors, orange or green. If you drop it in the water, it floats to the surface, and the glow in the dark seals and power key allows you to find it easily. No more difficult menu settings just to change between 3 levels of power, 1, 2.5 or 6 watts. Just set it one time at 1 or 2.5 watts to maximize the battery life, and when you need the maximum transmit allowed, a full 6 watts, just use the POWER BOOST key, and you have instant full power.

The bright strobe can easily be turned on, flashing SOS, getting the attention of others when you are in need of help. The design is not only attractive, but achieves the highest level of water tightness, JIX8/IPX8 standard, allowing for complete submersion of 5 feet for over 30 minutes. It also comes complete with an AC adapter, DC charger, charging cradle, 11 hour rechargeable battery, an accessory battery tray, and a heavy duty swivel belt clip. For your convenience and extra value, there is a two way speaker mic included in the package, a $50 retail value.

Product Overview

  • Memory Scan mode. Lets you save channels to memory and monitor them in quick succession.¬†
  • Transmitter power level select. Lets you boost the transmitter power from 1W to 2.5 or 6W for added transmission distance.¬†
  • Battery level display and low battery alert.
  • Dual and Triple Watch operation. These different watch modes let you monitor up to two Coast Guard Distress/Hailing channels and one weather channel along with one regular marine channel.
  • All marine VHF channels for the U.S., Canada, and international waters
  • Emergency 16/09 Channel monitoring. Set unit to scan one or both of these emergency channels regularly within normal scanning cycles.
  • Class D second receiver is dedicated to monitoring the DSC watch channel 70 to ensure that no incoming messages are missed.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Channel watch. Sounds a warning tone when a hazard alert is issued.
  • SOS Strobe/Flashlight. A high intensity strobe LED can be set to blink an SOS pattern or to be steady on.
  • Temperature. The thermal sensor lets you measure both water and air temperature. You can display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Key Lock. Locks keys to prevent accidentally changing channels or entering data. x Selectable Backlight Timer. Lets you select the length of time the backlight will be on.
  • Reversible¬†LCD. You can change the display from light characters on dark background to dark characters on light background.
  • DSC. Lets you call other stations or groups using their unique identification code. This radio complies with International Class D DSC standards for Handheld GPS/VHF marine transceivers.
  • GPS (Favorite Position mode). Lets you to save your current position as well as manually enter other positions.You can save positions into a directory to return to them as desired.
  • NMEA input/output. Lets you connect to a chart-plotter and determine what NMEA data you want to receive.
  • 9 weather channels available for monitoring.
  • Boost. Allows you to instantly transmit at a full 6 Watts.
  • MOB (Man Overboard). Lets you lock onto the current position when a Man Overboard situation occurs.
  • Compass Display. Lets you determine the way you want the radio to display your course - by showing your course and direction or by showing location on an north-south-east-west display. Automatically auto-plots to a received DSC distress call.

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