R8 Specifications

 Receiver Type: Antenna Type:
Radar Double Conversion Super-heterodyne Self-Contained Antenna Radar Linear Polarized E-vector Vertical
Laser Pulsed Laser Signal Receiver Laser Front & Back Convex Condenser Lens
Concave Condenser Lens



Depth:4.88" (124.11mm)

Width:3.85" (98.00mm)

Height:1.52" (38.80mm)

Weight 7.4oz (210g)
Operating Temperature -4° to +185° F (Radar/Laser)
-20° to +85° C (Radar/Laser)
Storage Temperature -22° to +203° F (Radar/Laser)
-30° to +95° C (Radar/Laser)
Operating Power Source DC 11.0 to 16.0 V
USB Interface USB Specification 2.0/1.1



X 10.525 GHz
K 24.150GHz
Ka 33.400 - 35.700 GHz
Laser 800 nm - 1,100 nm


Detector Type:

Radar Scanning Frequency Discriminator
Laser Pulse Width Discriminator
Alarm Type Voice and Beep (Detected Band and Signal strength)