AM/FM Clock Radio Scanner

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The Uniden BC345CRS includes 500 channels for scanning local public safety and other interesting frequencies. The built-in AM/FM radio lets you listen to your local radio stations, while the built in alarm clock lets you wake to your favorite channels.

Product Overview

  • 500 Channels in 10 Banks
  • Gives you plenty of room to store frequencies for weather spotters, local businesses, emergency services, and more.
  • AM/FM Broadcast Stations
  • Save up to 10 AM and 20 FM stations in preset memories so you can instantly tune to your favorite local broadcast.
  • Attractive Design is Ideal for Home Use
  • This all-in-one scanner features a fresh design that's attractive on your desktop and easy to read at night through its clear LCD backlit display. The buttons are nicely laid out for ease of use, so there's no fumbling around in the dark.
  • Priority with Do-Not-Disturb
  • Store your most important frequencies into priority channels. When scanning, these channels are checked every 2 seconds, so you are more likely to catch important activity on these channels. Do-Not-Disturb prevents priority checks when you are actively receiving a channel. This keeps the audio from breaking up every 2 seconds during the priority check.
  • Alarm Clock with Snooze and Sleep
  • Set the BC345CRS to wake you to scanning, a weather channel, or your favorite AM or FM station. Snooze allows you to grab a few more minutes of sleep, while the sleep function automatically turns off the BC345CRS after the time you set.
  • Five Service Searches
  • Lets you easily search bands commonly used for Police, Fire/EMS, Aircraft, Amateur Radio, and Marine transmissions.
  • Weather Scan with Alert
  • Lets you listen to local weather conditions and be alerted when hazardous conditions arise.

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