AppCam Solo 2 Wireless Security Camera

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Uniden Appcam Solo 2, 100% Wire-Free, Place It Anywhere, Full HD 1080P Smart Security Camera, Weatherproof, Remote Viewing, Two-Way Talk, Siren Alert, Rechargeable Battery, Solar Power Compatible

Product Overview

  • 100% Wire-Free, place it anywhere: never worry about cords, wiring, or power outlet locations, just place your unidenappcam Solo 2 anywhere you like, bookshelf, kitchen table, on the wall, under the ceiling or even hide it in your backyard three leaves!
  • Two-way audio: hear what’s going on and talk back if you want. Comfort your baby or tell the delivery guy to drop your package at the door.
  • Motion/human detection: Uniden app Cam Solo 2’s heat-based motion sensor offers elegant and precise security. Covers a wide angle and triggers on heat source such as people while avoids false alarms like branches and curtains.
  • Weather proof: IP65 level weather protection. Weatherproof for outdoor or indoor, rain or shine, hot or cold.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery: Uniden app Cam Solo 2’s rechargeable battery offers up to 6 months usage, charged by USB cable or Uniden Solar panel. Buy an extra battery and quickly swap out in seconds.
  • Solar panel sold separately. Click Here for more information

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