BC296D Bearcat Digital trunking Scanner

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The Bearcat BC-296D scanner covers from 25 to 1300 MHz (less cellular and UHF TV) in 27 bands. It has 1000 channels (10 x 100). Sophisticated total channel control allows the user to program: delay, step, mode priority and attenuation on a per-channel basis. This scanner also has twelve preprogrammed service searches. Trunk tracking is supported. This scanner will also serve as a S.A.M.E. weather alert monitor and has one-touch weather. Additional features include: full frequency display, backlit keypad, rubberized grips, alphanumeric tagging, turbo scan, clone mode, CTCSS/DCS, beep alert, data skip, attenuator, VFO roller control, backlit holographic LCD and more.

Product Overview

  • APCO Project 25 Phase 1 Compatible – works on the latest 9600 bps systems, including systems that use C4FM and CQPSK modulation
  • Four-line, 16-character, Alpha Display – makes it easy for you to see who is talking by displaying the assigned text tag instead of just a frequency or talkgroup ID number.
  • Automatic Digital Detect – allows the scanner to switch to digital voice decoding when it detects valid APCO 25 data without any special programming.
  • 1000 Channels – lets you store frequencies in 10 banks of 100 channels each.
  • 1000 Talkgroup ID’s – lets you store 10 groups of 10 ID’s each per bank.
  • Multi-System Tracking – scans conventional and trunking systems at the same time.
  • Included PC Programming Software and Cable – makes programming your scanner much easier. Full-featured software included (no registration needed).
  • 10 Priority Channels – switches to the channel you assign as priority if there is activity, so you won’t miss a thing.
  • Priority Talkgroups – increases the priority of selected talkgroups so the scanner is more likely to switch to them if there is activity.
  • Priority Plus Scanning – lets you scan only those channels you have selected as priority channels.
  • CTCSS and DCS Squelch Modes – prevents interference from stations not using the mode you select; search mode displays the CTCSS or DCS tone being used by the received station.
  • Preprogrammed Service Search – makes it easy to find interesting frequencies used by public safety, news media, TV broadcast, weather, amateur radio, FRS, GMRS, special low power, railroad, aircraft, marine, and racing services.
  • Data Skip – automatically skips frequencies that have a constant-level transmission such as used on data channels for some systems, paging systems, and internally generated birdies.
  • SAME Weather Alert with FIPS – lets you set your scanner to listen for a SAME event code from the local weather service; sounds an alert and displays the text description for any alert received. FIPS programming lets you restrict the alerts to one county.
  • Turbo Search – searches for activity on frequencies at up to 300 steps per second (in the 5 kHz step ranges).
  • Backlit Holographic Display – provides for great visibility at any angle, day or night.
  • Battery Save – automatically reduces power requirements when you are holding on a single channel or frequency and there is no activity.
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack and Charger – provides you with the most economical power options available.
  • Scanner Clone Mode – lets you connect your scanner directly to another scanner to clone all channels and settings.

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