GMRS522 Two-Way FRS/GMRS Radio

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Stay connected with your buddies while hiking on the trail, riding the ski lift, or exploring other locations within a 2-mile window with this pair of GMRS522 two-way radios. Boasting a smaller range than many of Uniden's other two-way radios, the GMRS522s are particularly ideal for casual communications, such as keeping in touch with pals at the ballpark, rather than strenuous activities that might require a lifesaving response.

Each radio features 22 channels (8 GMRS and 14 FRS) and 38 CTCSS privacy codes, ensuring that you can almost always talk with friends or family via an exclusive, uninterrupted signal (radios must be set on the same channel and code to communicate). It's easy to browse for channels thanks to the channel scan feature, which looks for active signals while you view the display, and the monitor function, which listens for weak signals on a given frequency. And talking on the radios couldn't be simpler--just hit the PTT button when you're ready to transmit. It's important to note that the transmission range will vary depending on the channel and the surrounding terrain.

The radios also include such features as a backlit LCD display with a battery strength meter, a keypad lock that keeps you from accidentally pressing buttons at the wrong time (such as when a radio is in your pocket), and five selectable call tones. And no worries about running out of power too quickly, as the radios come with NiMH battery packs and a dual charging cradle, which keep the radios humming for around 25 hours per charge (the radios also work with three AA batteries). The entire bundle, which includes a pair of belt clips for efficient transport, is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Product Overview

  • Pair of GMRS/FRS 2-way radios with dual charging cradle and 2 NiMH battery packs
  • 22 channels (8 GMRS and 14 FRS) and 38 CTCSS privacy codes ensure several communication options
  • Wireless range of up to 2 miles; backlit LCD display with battery-strength meter
  • 5 selectable call tones for varied transmissions; channel scan and channel monitor functions
  • Each radio runs for up to 25 hours per charge; includes 2 belt clips; 1-year warranty

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