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The R4, by Uniden, is an all new platform with a much greater range. It has a new Auto Mute Memory feature, which automatically locks out false alert locations. The R4 also has the best K Band filter on the market, offering the least amount of false alerts from blind spot monitors and K Band sensors in other vehicles. When you need the best information possible, and none of the noise, Uniden’s R4 Extreme puts you miles ahead.

  • UNMATCHED RANGE & SENSITIVITY - Industry Leading Performance with Advanced False Alert Filtering is THE choice for drivers who demand the highest level of protection against speeding tickets.
  • GPS TECHNOLOGY w/ AUTO MUTE MEMORY - The R4 can remember and automatically mute false alerts (such as retail store doors) along your routes so you never have to listen to the same false alert twice.
  • MULTI-COLOR OLED DISPLAY - is easy-to-Read and allows for more useful information to be displayed at once. This improves your overall situational awareness.
  • VOICE ALERTS - Voice alerts allow for hands-free operation and provide clear communication. Voice Alerts are programable to fit your style so you can keep your eyes on the road with no distractions.
  • ADVANCED FALSE ALERT FILTERING - the R4 has the Best K/KA Band filtering with the Least Amount of False Alerts from blind spot monitoring & Collison avoidance systems in other vehicles.
  • RED LIGHT AND SPEED CAMERA ALERTS - Preloaded Red Light and Speed Camera locations with Free Database and Firmware updates ensures your detector will never be out of date.