HomePatrol-2 Simple Program Scanner


Tune in and stay informed with the HomePatrol-2 simple program scanner from Uniden. Just enter your zip code or city on the easy-to-use touch screen, and the scanner will listen for transmissions in your area. The scanner tunes in to open two-way radio signals and allows you to quickly hear the communications systems used by public safety, aircraft, military, weather spotters, and more.

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Product Overview

  • Simple Programming
  • TrunkTracker V
  • S.A.M.E. Emergency/Weather Alert
  • Covers US and Canada
  • Quick Record and Playback

Digital Capable
Receives all unencrypted, non- proprietary radio systems including APCO-25 Phase I and Phase II digital, Motorola, EDACS, LTR, conventional analog and P25 digital channels.

Mobile Use with Vehicle Mount
Mount this Uniden HomePatrol scanner inside your vehicle and connect it to your car speakers to receive all the latest information while you are on the go. GPS location provides accurate positioning, so you get the best coverage as you travel.

Record and Replay
Hit record and capture all the action on the 2GB MicroSD card (included).

Easy Touch Screen Operation
This scanner makes it easy to listen to transmissions in your area. Use the digital touch screen to see a list of radio services and choose the ones you want to listen to. You can tune to your local fire station or police department or to any open two-way radio transmission.

Software Included for easy updates
Radio system database updated weekly so you'll always have the latest information. Get the latest version here

Convenient Headset Capability
Equipped with a standard headset jack, this Uniden scanner allows you to connect a set of headphones so you can listen to transmissions without disturbing others.

25.0000 26.9600 AM 5 Petroleum Products & Broadcast Pickup
26.9650 27.4050 AM 5 CB Class D Channel
27.4100 27.9950 AM 5 Business & Forest Products
28.0000 29.6950 NFM 20 10 Meter Amateur Band
29.7000 49.9950 NFM 10 VHF Low Band
50.0000 53.9950 NFM 20 6 Meter Amateur Band
108.0000 136.9950 AM 8.33 Aircraft Band
137.0000 143.9950 NFM 12.5 Military Land Mobile
144.0000 147.9950 NFM 5 2 Meter Amateur Band
148.0000 150.7950 NFM 12.5 Military Land Mobile
150.8000 161.9950 NFM 5 VHF High Band
162.0000 173.9950 NFM 12.5 Federal Government
174.0000 215.9950 FM 5 TV Broadcast 7 – 13
216.0000 224.9950 NFM 20 1.25 Meter Amateur Band
225.0000 379.9950 AM 25 UHF Aircraft Band
380.0000 399.9950 NFM 12.5 Military Band
400.0000 405.9950 NFM 12.5 Miscellaneous
406.0000 419.9950 NFM 12.5 Federal Government Land Mobile
420.0000 449.9950 NFM 12.5 70 cm Amateur Band
450.0000 469.9950 NFM 12.5 UHF Standard Band
470.0000 512.0000 NFM 12.5 UHF-TV
758.0000 787.9950 NFM 6.25 Public Service Band
788.0000 805.9950 NFM 6.25 Public Service Band
806.0000 823.9875 NFM 12.5 Public Service Band
849.0125 868.9875 NFM 12.5 Public Service Band
894.0125 960.0000 NFM 12.5 Public Service Band
  • Note 1: Modulation Quick Frequency Entry default settings. Select from AM / FM / NFM. Preprogrammed frequency modulation cannot be changed.
  • Note 2: Step Quick Frequency Entry default settings. Select from AUTO, 5k, 6.25k, 7.5k, 8.33k, 10k, 12.5k, 15k, 20k, or 25k. If Auto is selected for Step setting, HomePatrol uses the default step setting.


Prop 65 warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov